Build and configuration

General Build Options

Building the xeus-cpp library

xeus-cpp build supports the following options:

  • XEUS_CPP_BUILD_SHARED: Build the xeus-cpp shared library. Enabled by default.

  • XEUS_CPP_BUILD_STATIC: Build the xeus-cpp static library. Enabled by default.

  • XEUS_CPP_USE_SHARED_XEUS: Link with a xeus shared library (instead of the static library). Enabled by default.

Building the kernel

The package includes two options for producing a kernel: an executable xcpp and a Python extension module, which is used to launch a kernel from Python.

  • XEUS_CPP_BUILD_EXECUTABLE: Build the xcpp executable. Enabled by default.

If XEUS_CPP_USE_SHARED_XEUS_CPP is disabled, xcpp will be linked statically with xeus-cpp.

Building the Tests

  • ``XEUS_CPP_BUILD_TESTS ``: enables the tests Disabled by default.